Julie deBoer

I am privileged to spend my days creating and exploring my craft, bringing life and light to the world through my art. I’m motivated to paint because I see the world differently than most - and this gives me a deep desire to share the power, grandeur, and joy I see and experience in the world around me.

My boldness and unique whimsical, flowing style on the canvas is rooted in a desire to capture the feeling of a place… the push and pull between me, a living, breathing creature – and a living, breathing world. Paint and canvas allow me limitless possibilities to capture my interpretation of this experience; it’s freeing and empowering. Although I can and do work from photos, I often work from my mind’s eye, incorporating the experiential into my memory of the visual.

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We are absolutely surrounded by beauty, but not every eye is trained to see it. This is my privilege: to shine a light on the beauty.

My art is strongly influenced by my faith and a belief that this big, bold, beautiful world was created by a big, bold, and beautifully creative God. Creating for me is a process of letting go and an exercise in trust. The more I trust this innate gift, the more the gift is able to grow, develop, and impact people who enjoy it. My journey as an artist is an ongoing process of change, always moving, growing and adapting. Taking life's experiences, lessons learned, truths realized and focusing the artwork through these things, like light through a magnifying glass. In this way, my artwork becomes a truly unique expression of me.

I work solely in acrylic because I enjoy the vibrancy of color and the ease of workability it affords. The fast drying time works well with my impatient character. I paint from my home studio in Bearspaw, Alberta where, beneath it all, I am a happily exhausted mother of three, married to my best friend, business partner, and husband of 20+ years. When I’m not “being” an artist, I’m growing my company to support artists - connecting artists with Masters for mentorship, support, business, and technical training. My life, day and night, is for the creation and support of the arts and the arts community.

24" x 60" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$2850.00 CDN
36" x 24" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$2100.00 CDN
30" x 30" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$2150.00 CDN
36" x 60" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$3800.00 CDN
40" x 36" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$2850.00 CDN
60" x 40" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$4200.00 CDN
36" x 36" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$2700.00 CDN