Cindy Revell

Cindy Revell’s creative life began on a Saskatchewan farm where she was a dreamer with time on her hands. Along with her sister and brother who nicknamed her Bird she built forts, tree houses and swam in the nearby river. Cindy spent long hours reading, drawing, playing guitar and singing. A life involving creativity was in the making.

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Revell took Environmental Graphic Design at Grant MacEwan university. It was a magical and inspiring time as she learned about art history, design and illustration. A love of the old masters was born and she knew that art was a world in which she belonged. After college Cindy worked as a graphic designer and illustrator during which time she developed a whimsical and simple style using scratchboard. It would strongly influence the work that she does today.

Energetic brushwork and rich colour fill Cindy’s expressive oil paintings with life. Inquisitive birds are a common element in the menagerie of uncommonly coloured creatures. These characters come to life in gardens, interiors and still lifes where they fuse in an exuberant and vibrantly colourful mix that implies ‘what it’ and ‘anything is possible’. “The Dutch artists and numerous old masters have long fascinated me – the light, the compositions! The inspired informality and spontaneity of primitivism and folk art while the pattern and design of medieval, Asian and eastern art show the powerful way that line, colour shape can convey so much.”

Calendars, packaging, wine bottles, CD covers, books, magazines, and numerous children’s books all over North America are brought to life with Cindy’s vibrant work. A few of her clients are: Disney, L.A. Times, Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Better Homes and Gardens and Scholastic Publishing.

Cindy was honoured with a nomination for the Governor General’s award for illustration and has received numerous awards recognizing both her illustration and oil painting. She is a member of The Oil Painters of America and a signature member of The Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA).

30" x 30" oil (gallery wrap)
$1575.00 CDN
36" x 36" oil (gallery wrap)
$1800.00 CDN
18" x 18" oil (gallery wrap)
$775.00 CDN
30" x 20" oil (gallery wrap)
$1200.00 CDN
12" x 12" oil (gallery wrap)
$475.00 CDN
24" x 30" oil (gallery wrap)
$1400.00 CDN
24" x 24" oil (gallery wrap)
$1200.00 CDN
20" x 20" oil (gallery wrap)
$875.00 CDN
12" x 12" oil (gallery wrap)
$475.00 CDN
12" x 12" oil (gallery wrap)
$475.00 CDN
24" x 18" oil (gallery wrap)