Born in 1975 in Boischatel, near Quebec, Melanie Simard started studying art techniques as early as nine years old.

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She paints landscapes and flowers; Melan creates dimension on her work by adding more and more substance to the canvas. The textured finished is such that you almost want to touch the painting. The purest colours abound in her paintings, and her sponteneity spices up her creations.

Mélan paints vases and flowers whose fluid and curved forms evoke a symbolic language that is very much alive and quite reassuring. The serenity and joie de vivre that are palpable in her works stand in sharp contrast to the image that we often have of artists. “I am profoundly happy and cheerful person, and I feel a lightness with which I paint conveys the depths of emotion and of human relationships”. The titles of her paintings certainly reflect her inherent values: love and communication. She imbues each of her pieces with a startling sense of movement and rhythm.

Melan was presented with a distract award for an artwork compitiion in the city of Quebec in 2004.


36" x 60" mixed media (gallery wrap)
$3125.00 CDN
48" x 12" mixed media (unframed)
$1275.00 CDN
48" x 48" mixed media (unframed)
$4050.00 CDN
36" x 12" mixed media alum (unframed)
$1925.00 CDN
48" x 60" mixed media (unframed)
$4725.00 CDN