Denis Chiasson (Desson)

For Desson the act of painting is like drawing. He takes it further line by line, brush stroke by brush stroke. Many of Desson’s colourful paintings reflect a humanist spirit. With their bold dark outlining, and love of life.

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Very human feelings fill these paintings and are transposed with a simplicity that is hard to find in today’s intricate and complex world. The women who populate Desson’s paintings exist in a variety of states of composure. Whether is a state of repose, or reflection, posturing or introspection.

24" x 24" oil (unframed)
$720.00 CDN
40" x 26" oil (unframed)
$985.00 CDN
40" x 30" oil (unframed)
$1250.00 CDN
24" x 48" oil (unframed)
$1200.00 CDN