Cam Forrester

In 2017, I retired from a 32 year careerĀ  in the golf and club industry. Prior to golf, I spent 8 years as an architectural draftsman. Since 1976 I have been drawing and creating art, my first solo show was in 1988.

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In 2005  I met a group of guys who shared the same love of outdoor landscape painting  and we began to travel together to paint and hold showings, the group is known as “ The Men Who Paint”, and have had the great fortune of  painting in many remote areas of Canada and abroad.
I have been a full time professional artist since 2017
My work primarily landscapes, based on my Plein air studies. Larger works are created in my backyard studio. My paintings are centred around design, shapes, and bold colours.
I have participated in over 50 solo and group shows in Canada and abroad. My artwork is held in private, corporate and museum collections including The Kunst Museum Schwaan Germany, The Mann Gallery, Prince Albert SK and the Parks Canada Permanent Collections.

36" x 30" oil (gallery wrap)
$2430.00 CDN
24" X 40" oil (gallery wrap)
$2160.00 CDN
30" x 60" oil (gallery wrap)
$4250.00 CDN
24" x 30" oil (gallery wrap)
$1900.00 CDN
36" x 36" oil (gallery wrap)