Silvia Armeni

Born in Italy to a family rich in artists Silvia Armeni since her earliest years showed a real talent for drawing and painting.

In 1975 Silvia held her first one-woman show in Rome at the "Galleria dei Leoni” where she exhibited oil paintings and fabric collages. It was a resounding success as were her successive shows over the next few years

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Moved to Canada in 1979, Silvia found the appropriate environment where she could finally fulfill her lifelong ambition of becoming an artist by profession.

She does collages of ancient medieval Italian suburbs or typical Venetian canals which take shape with the precision of an architectural drawing. Infinitesimal tiny bits of fabric are carefully glued together as a mosaic creating scenes with a special luminosity and vivacity.

Her collages, rarely larger than 8 by 12 inches, at first glance could be mistaken for paintings but, as soon as one takes a closer look, the intricacy of this unusual technique magically reveals itself.

The same attention to details is found in her oil paintings where she depicts Canadian country life, bringing her people and their rural environment warmly alive, creatures of her own imagination in a still uncontaminated nature.

She shares their lives, their busy activities where her women collect firewood, her men stack hay, and her children build snowmen. There is always something to do every day in life! This is the transparent theme one can easily capture admiring her most representative works. She also found an equally exciting way of expressing herself through watercolour, often revisiting her favourite subjects.

Her work is part of private collections all over the world and is presently exhibited in art galleries across Canada.

7" x 10" fabric collage (framed)
7" x 10" Fabric Collage (Framed)
10" x 8" fabric collage (framed)
9" x 8" fabric collage (framed)