Pauline Paquin

A children’s world

Her passion for painting is first and foremost fueled by her love of children. Nothing fascinates her more than watching children playing their games and interacting with them. Witnessing childhood beauty in paint is what enchants her most.

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Developing this talent at a very young age and naturally gifted for drawing, a talent she thinks comes from her mother, she is always willing to acquire knowledge; her taste for painting will later lead her to many fine arts courses. It is not until she meets her neighbour Marcel Fecteau, a well-known landscape painter, that her career really takes off. Seeing her interest, Fecteau gives her a book on drawing and painting and encourages her, giving her advice in her first endeavors.

Observant and skillful, she progresses rapidly. One day, upon seeing a painting by Fecteau of children leaving school, she is magically inspired to paint children

The scene is of such quality and beauty, it constitutes the essential part of her painting. Urban or country, it is but a pretence to depict joyful and playful children.

When composing such scenes, where does her inspiration come from? “I go where children are. My first ideas came to me from my own sons, from their laughter, their play and their clothing. When winter comes along, it is the occasion for festivities; I take many photographs of children in festivals and carnivals. With my camera in hand, I also explore every nook and cranny of villages and alleyways. I then follow up with elements from my imagination and my memories; I invent decors where my little men and women will become actors. Thus, as I have done before, I can transform a Calgary building into a Montreal convenience store”.
Pauline Paquin continues: “if I draw from my memories, I also use my observations of every day reality, for example; when I saw from my window one day, two little girls skipping rope on the side of the road, they tied the rope to a roadsign post. I found that scene novel enough to insert it in my next painting. In fact, that scene was exactly what I wanted to recreate, not a nostalgic bygone era, but an every day scene, displaying movement, vitality, humor and spontaneousness”.

Judging by the results, there is no doubt that the artist is a meticulous and applied woman, as she would say herself, she must work with great rigor and discipline to put so much care and attention to detail (note these little cherubs impressive garb). What an enchantment it is to discover a new and not previously seen element in her paintings.

Pauline Paquin relentlessly pursues perfection; she maintains that no painting leaves her studio if she is not proud of it. Every new work of art is always a challenge; it is the fruit of a constant research and experimentation of mixed oil painting techniques, paper textures and collages.

She also underlines that such success is greatly due to her twenty years of collaboration with Multi Art, who recognized her talent from the beginning and have given her the opportunity to be exhibited among the most prestigious galleries in Quebec and Canada.

Undoubtedly thanks to all this support, Pauline Paquin always manifests her joy for painting. To be convinced, one must listen to her speak of her art. One must understand how she wishes to give her paintings a charming and pleasant look. Her greatest satisfactions are seeing the spectator smile and to bring joy to all, not only those who buy a painting.

I would like you to meet Pauline Paquin, and see for yourself how much enthusiasm and liveliness inhabit her, link her to the spirit and age of her young actors.

Let yourself go! Get carried away into a children’s world!

30" x 30" oil (gallery wrap)
$5040.00 CDN
24" x 30" oil (unframed)
$4110.00 CDN
22" x 28" oil (unframed)
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24" x 20" oil (unframed)
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16" x 20" Oil (unframed)
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16" x 20" Oil (unframed)
$2675.00 CDN
8" x 10" Oil (unframed)
$1010.00 CDN
8" x 10" Oil (unframed)
$1010.00 CDN
8" x 10" Oil (unframed)
$1010.00 CDN
20" x 40" oil (unframed)
$4550.00 CDN