Kristen Jones

As a city girl inspired by nature’s silhouettes, goldsmith Kristen Jones takes natural shapes and twists them into forms that suit urban sensibilities. Her passion for the raw materials combined with the fine handwork and attention to detail required of a goldsmith are central to her artistic process. Kristen’s jewellery possesses a graceful beauty that at times reflects the quirkiness of life.

19kt, 10x 0.015ct champ.dia
$1000.00 CDN
Platinum, 10x 0.01ct diamonds
$1650.00 CDN
19kt wt,gold, 0.22ct rose cut diamond
$1150.00 CDN
19kt, 0.18ct rose cut dia
$1000.00 CDN
platinum with 20 diamonds 0.32ctw
$3900.00 CDN
19kt wt.g, 0.76 colbalt blue spinel
$3000.00 CDN
19kt wt.g, 1.53ct blue tour, 0.26ctw dia
$5000.00 CDN
18kt wt.g,tour.quartz, grey diamonds
$3000.00 CDN