Rudi Peet

Born in the Netherlands Rudi studied there for three years to become a designer goldsmith. After that he studied in Germany for another three years.


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At the age of 22 he emigrated to Western Canada where he became totally overwhelmed by the harsh nature of the Rocky Mountains, the vastness of the prairies and the rugged lush Pacific west coast. These places greatly influenced the designs of the jewellery he builds.

He still sees the grandeur of nature as his mentor and grandmaster.
“It teaches me about biomorphic, organic shapes, about symmetry and about harmony and balance. I also learned that “nature” only goes as far as it has to and that we humans can push the boundaries to what I like to call singing almost out of tune”.

18kt, sapphires,0.02dia
$3210.00 CDN
18kt y&, 2.18ct zircon, 0.52ct dia
$5300.00 CDN
18ky y.g,1.04ctw spinel,10.79ct peri,dia
$9500.00 CDN
18kt y&, 2.034ct ruby, diamonds
$5835.00 CDN
18kt,0.67ct emer,0.05ct,0.01ct dia
$4150.00 CDN
18kt yellow gold
19kt white gold, 8.7ct free form beryl
$5800.00 CDN
18kty&wt,gold.1.93ct gr.sapph, 4x dia
$5840.00 CDN