Dietje Hagedoorn

In Dietje’s formative years her artistic uncle pushed her in the direction of Gold–and–Silver-smithing college in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands. She attended this college for three years, followed by two years of apprenticeship in Vancouver British Columbia. After her apprenticeship she planned to return to the Netherlands, but decided to stay in Canada because of the plentiful job opportunities; the inspiring goldsmith’s community, and the freedom that Canada had to offer. She felt it was possible to make her mark here without all of the obstacles.

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Dietje worked for several jewelers in Vancouver, including the Swedish Jeweler, Ragnar Jeweler, Gold & Silversmiths in Gastown and later Brinkhaus Jewelers.

In 1980 Dietje struck out on her own and worked out of her home in West Vancouver and then moved into her own studio in downtown Vancouver a few years later. In 1990 Dietje opened Forge & Form, a retail shop/studio on Granville Island.

Dietje pulls her inspiration from European design and incorporates it into her own style, creating original designs.


MT Nelson,18kt, sterling silver
$595.00 CDN
MT Nelson,14kt yellow & white gold
$1355.00 CDN
MT Nelson,14kt yellow & white gold
$1525.00 CDN, bi-colour p.tour, 0.62ctw dia
$5925.00 CDN
ss&18kt mt.nelson pen,16in chain
$650.00 CDN
SS mt.nelson pendant
ss mt peak pendant
$355.00 CDN
ss mt peak pendant
$355.00 CDN
18kt gold wire with amethyst beads
$725.00 CDN
ss wire earrings with amethyst beads
$295.00 CDN
18kt wire, blk onyx beads
$525.00 CDN
Mnt Nelson Pendant, ss & 14kt y,gold
SS mnt nelson w/wheat chain
Castle Mountian pendant, ss
$345.00 CDN
Mt. Red Streak SS
$355.00 CDN
Rockies Mnt Pemdant SS
$355.00 CDN
Mt. Pendant ss, polished border
$425.00 CDN
Mt. Assiniboine pendant ss
$325.00 CDN
$3085.00 CDN
18kt y.gld earrings, frwater pearls
$1725.00 CDN
18kt y gld,14kt wt.gld, 3 Sisters
$2850.00 CDN
SS mountain ring, 0.024ct diamond
$525.00 CDN
18kt y.g., coloured diamonds
$5550.00 CDN
18kt y.g., topaz, br.freshwater pearls
$1895.00 CDN
SS, blk druzy onyx, tourm.quartz
$1495.00 CDN
18kt y.g., blk jade, pink tourm
$3895.00 CDN
14kt y/wt g., chrysocola cab
$3275.00 CDN
18kt y.g., SS, yel sapph,rud quartz
$2375.00 CDN
18KT Yellow gold earrings w/ Citrine
$405.00 CDN