Nathalie Chiasson

From the beginning of her career, Nathalie Chiasson gets her inspiration from an old method of coffee wash. Through the complexity of the artist's works of art, the unexploited technique is brought up to date.

Using impastos, which give her work an almost sculptural aspect, the artist puts her subjects on canvas by superimposing alternately rich layers of acrylic and coffee. The numerous steps and drying time between layers allow her to work on several paintings at a time. She adds a personal touch with golden acrylic and a thick black grout made up of pure coffee which gives off a delicious aroma. The gleaming glaze and varnish give the works of art a richness which enhances the raised details and gilt.

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Nathalie Chiasson has developed a unique style. Her art, inspired by internationally flavoured timeless themes, has brought her instant success all over the world.

The dynamic and much textured art of Nathalie Chiasson arouses a great deal of interest. Her painterly art is that of a contemporary, sensitive and passionate artist. Nathalie not only wants to catch the spectator's attention with her textures and the richness of the coffee medium, she also wants to arouse the curiosity in people of all ages with a style that is both modern and rustic. Art lovers can appreciate the artist's canvases with all its senses. She says candidly: “I want them to enjoy my artwork, and go as far as putting their fingers on it, just as a child.” Let yourself be charmed by this artist whose technique is extraordinary.

Nathalie Chiasson's artwork is showcased in many great art galleries in Canada. She is the laureate of several prizes and a great number of her paintings are part of private and corporate collections.

30" x 15" mixed media (unframed)
$1515.00 CDN
24" x 12" mixed media (unframed)
$975.00 CDN
30" x 20" mixed media (unframed)
$2025.00 CDN
24" x 48" mixed media (unframed)
$2660.00 CDN
12" x 16" mixed media (unframed)
$740.00 CDN
12" x 16" mixed media (unframed)
$740.00 CDN