Alex Fong

Delicate, graceful and evocative, the watercolours of Alex Fong offer an impressionistic view of nature, often accented by a sense of joy and whimsy. In a style the artist calls "Contemporary Oriental", he contrasts soft pastels with splashes of darker hues to capture both the symmetry and imperfections of nature, from pastoral landscapes to florals, to birds and wildlife.

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Watercolour conveys the sense of freedom and boldness of spirit in the artist's work that moves to the heart of his image. "There's an intriguing mystical quality with watercolour which is almost spiritual in nature," says Fong. "The way an image is painted can change, even as the paint is drying. To a large extent, the medium does the work."

No matter what the subject is, the viewer is drawn to Fong's work from a distance, then pulled even closer by intriguing details. It may be the use of papers with interesting textures, or the bouncing of colour against colour to produce an over-riding sense of movement. A parade of small, brightly coloured triangles, dots or squares spontaneously scattered throughout the image - an effect he calls 'confetti' - is characteristic of a Fong painting. "I liken this to a person wearing attractive jewelry or clothing. Once something catches your eye, you want to take a closer look."

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1956, Fong's interest in art began as a child. It was during a two-year course in interior design that he discovered watercolour, and the freedom of colour and expression that matches his vision of the world. His work reflects both his extensive study of oriental artists, and the influence of impressionists such as Van Gogh and Monet.

Fong continues to experiment with other media, and occasionally collaborates on a piece with another artist. His watercolour workshops are always well-attended by artists wanting to develop their own self-expression through this medium. 

48" x 48" acrylic
$11800.00 CDN
20" x 30" watercolour
$3555.00 CDN
24" x 24" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$2800.00 CDN
24" x 24" acrylic (gallery wrap)
$2800.00 CDN
16" x 40" acrylic
$3200.00 CDN
40" x 24" acrylic
$4800.00 CDN
20" x 40" watercolour
$4650.00 CDN
8" x 10" watercolour
$500.00 CDN
10" x 8" watercolour
$500.00 CDN
12" x 16" watercolour
$1130.00 CDN
12" x 16" watercolour
$1130.00 CDN
10" x 36" watercolour
$2100.00 CDN
16" x 20" watercolour
$1890.00 CDN
8" x 30" watercolour
$1400.00 CDN