Suzanne Artym

Suzanne Artym is an Alberta visual artist who draws inspiration from her natural environment, extending from her backyard, to the prairies and to the Rocky Mountains. Familiar subjects such as flower gardens, wildflowers, birds and landscapes find new life on her canvas. Suzanne’s art education is self-directed through the process of discovery and learning from workshops, fellow artists and tutorials. The interplay of colour, texture, and shape have a stunning impact on her acrylic and mixed media work.

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Artist Statement

“My art work reflects my passion to interpret life as I observe and explore. I have always been fascinated by the colours, patterns and textures found in nature; whether it is the dramatic colours of the prairie sky, textures of the Rocky Mountains or the patterns found in the wings of a butterfly. My hope is the viewer will experience what I see or make their own connections, but either way, be inspired, uplifted or moved!”

16" x 20" mixed media (gallery wrap)
$430.00 CDN
8" x 10" acrylic
$350.00 CDN
7" x 5" mixed media
$165.00 CDN
16" x 20" mixed media (unframed)
$415.00 CDN
20" x 16" mixed media
$705.00 CDN
12" x 36" mixed media (unframed)
$625.00 CDN
16" x 16" mixed media (unframed)
$385.00 CDN
10" x 10" mixed media (gallery wrap)
$220.00 CDN
12" x 12" mixed media (gallery wrap)
$265.00 CDN
24" x 24" mixed media (unframed)
$675.00 CDN
18" x 14" mixed media
$845.00 CDN
30" x 30" acrylic (unframed)
$1170.00 CDN