Allan Dunfield

Painting has been a life-long vocation for Allan. For most of his career, he has focused on painting the British Columbian wilderness. Workingprimarily in acrylics, he works to capture the many sides of the disappearing west coast landscape. Allan was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was accepted into the school of visual arts in New York City in 1969 where he studied for two years. He has been painting actively ever since. Leaving his career as a professional chef, Allan began seriously painting every day. 

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He has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists for 12 years. He achieved signature status as a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA) in 2012 and became a Senior Member (SFCA) in 2014. Over the past dozen years he has participated in numerous shows and received several awards. His work hangs in corporate and personal collection throughout Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe.

Artist Statement

“The landscape has always been a big part of my life, camping, hiking and fishing. I have always been in “awe” of nature's power and beauty. For me, to try and connect with its ever changing energy and capture some of the personality of this immense canvas is my muse. I am drawn by the sight, sound and smell of this disappearing beauty. Simplicity with focus is a daily challenge which helps me leave room to connect with the viewer. I hope I create a mood which allows the viewer to step out of a world full of turmoil and confusion for a single moment.”

24" x 30" acrylic
$1995.00 CDN
18" x 24" acrylic
$1370.00 CDN
30" x 40" acrylic
$3090.00 CDN
18" x 24" acrylic
$1370.00 CDN
24" x 36" acrylic
$2335.00 CDN
24" x 48" acrylic
$3160.00 CDN