Jeff Fleming

Born in Montana, Jeff Fleming grew up surrounded by wilderness and wildlife. An avid outdoorsman, Jeff and his family enjoy all the adventure the outdoors has to offer: hiking and riding horses in the mountains, fishing the lakes, rafting and kayaking the rivers, and skiing through the winter months. "…I love the wilderness and all things wild."

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Jeff's art career began in 1985. "I've always enjoyed working with wood and began by sculpting large wood carvings. Whimsical bears have always been my favorite subject and I've carved hundreds of bears from little cubs on up to huge bears standing 20' tall." Jeff's original and commissioned woodcarvings have been shipped around the world and can be found in many private and corporate collections, most National Parks, and Disney World. Jeff has had a long and prolific career as an Artist and continues to create new bear designs.
Jeff Fleming brings his traditional whimsy and humor to a wonderful collection of bronze bears. From a fly fishing bear to a lazy bear snoozing in the afternoon sun, these bears are enjoying the great outdoors as much as we do.
Artist Statement
“I’ve always thought of bears as being very human-like and playful. Many of my bear designs are based on our outdoor adventures or tell stories that many of us have in common, special moments and fun times shared with family and friends in the Great Outdoors”.

$1200.00 CDN