Melanie Rowe

For thousands of years Cairns have been used as a simple but very effective  form of communication for the masses.  Stones stacked in columns identified  trails, travel routes and established boundaries on land.  They were used to  memorialize sacred sites where events of cultural or religious significance took  place.   

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In more recent times Cairns have evolved and are used to communicate or provide  meaning on a more personal level. For example, carefully placed stones in  balanced formations now may serve as an invitation to viewers to pause and  reflect, a time for introspection. 

Melanie's Glass Cairns beautifully combines columns of detailed flame worked  glass components and mounts them on a stone base.  These one-of-a-kind  sculptures typically incorporate incredibly detailed Mountain and Face beads that  stand alone as works of art.

That said, the Cairns are intended to not only provide the viewer with an  enduring and pleasing image, but in a more meaningful way, be the source of  remembrance for the human experience.  To serve as marker of sorts, a direction  finder for personal growth or a record keeper of personal achievements or  milestones reached along life's pathway.  

Flame & Stacked Glass, blk alabaster
$390.00 CDN
Flame & Stacked Glass, blk alabaster
$445.00 CDN
Flame & Stacked Glass, blk alabaster
$490.00 CDN