Fiona Couillard

Born and raised in Alberta, Fiona has always been drawn to creative and artistic pursuits. Her mother was an artist who influenced her daughter with both her paintings and her passionate love of great Canadian artists.

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Fiona continues to work and learn, currently studying at the Alberta College of Art and Design where she focuses on painting and printmaking but loves the freedom to try new mediums and explore different areas of art making.

Fiona’s unique ability to combine different techniques allows her work to empower the canvas with colour and personality.

Inspired by colour and strong, dramatic brushstrokes, Fiona specializes in creating textured portraits of people, dogs, and cows. Couillard signs her work with her family’s registered brand (rafter C6) with an F underneath denoting Fiona.

Artist Statement

“I am captivated by the materiality of paint, the marks one can leave and the gesture and character that can be expressed by it. I am really drawn to faces, whether human or animal. I started painting my own beloved dogs and expanded with new dogs and the family cattle and horses. Living in cattle country, there were always interesting faces standing at the fence.”

30" x 30" oil (unframed)
$2085.00 CDN
20" x 20" oil (unframed)
$1270.00 CDN