Matt Bell

Matt has been involved with the bespoke jewelry business since 1981.  Many joint ventures with Aurelia Jewels has produced meaningful pieces where meaning and emotion is expressed.  Matt and Ralph Tober of Aurelia Jewels have been featured in Cora Golden’s book “Masters of Jewellery Design” In 2010 Matt was a featured designer for the North West Territories diamond show held in Vancouver.  Matt and Aurelia created a number of pieces for notable celebrities such as Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and Kurt Russel.

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Painting, sculpture in metal and stone as well as furniture and interior design has kept Matt engaged and vibrant throughout the years.

Larger pieces in silver, sculpture and furniture have been produced for restaurants, the Hotel Georgia and to clients for their private collections.  Using mixed media of metal, wood, glass and stone, Matt has been able to create innovative styles and push the boundaries of where purpose and art meet.

To master art and design requires three prerequisites, a respect for the materials used, an appreciation for the works intended purpose, and the creative vision to represent human emotion through art.  Matt has brought these qualities to his creations, offering stylish, distinctive designs that embrace tradition and celebrate new possibilities.

Matt Bell has developed a reputation as a dedicated craftsman and talented designer.  Working in diverse styles from modern to primitive he has built an impressive body of work satisfying his many clients.

$485.00 CDN
18kt w & y gold. .44 ct. diamond
$4835.00 CDN
18kt w/y gold; tour, diam
$10940.00 CDN
18kt w/r gold; diam
$11670.00 CDN
18kt y/w g; spinel sapphire diam
$8815.00 CDN
18kt w; moonstone rudy
$3570.00 CDN
18kt r/w g; sapphire, diam
$4315.00 CDN
18kt y/w; sapphire
$2670.00 CDN