Bayot Heer

Born in the picturesque town of Lucerne, Switzerland, Bayot Heer creates original jewellery emphasizing the richness of 18 karat gold, platinum and vibrant gemstones.

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Jewellery is his third career after completing traditional apprenticeships in furniture making and architectural drafting in his native Switzerland, followed by working in the respective professions for several years. This unorthodox background provides some of the inspiration for his jewellery designs, blending traditional gold-smithing and techniques from woodworking with architectural forms.

Bayot’s focus is creating original hand crafted jewellery with an uncompromising attention to detail that will stand the test of time and become the heirloom of tomorrow.

1998 Third Place: Canadian Jewellers Buyer's Choice 

1999 Award of Merit: AGTA Spectrum Awards 

2000 First Place: Canadian Jewellers Buyer's Choice 

2000 First Place & Best of Show: AGTA Spectrum Awards 

2001 First Place: Canadian Jewellers Buyer's Choice 

2002 Award of Merit: Canadian Jewellers Buyer's Choice 

2006 Manufacturing Honours: AGTA Spectrum Awards



18kt yel&wh g, 1.74ct gr tourm, diam
$3900.00 CDN
18kt pal.wh&yel g, 2.24 aqua, diam
$6300.00 CDN
18kt peach g, 3.76ct tour, 0.13ctw dia
$6500.00 CDN
18kt 4cl&wh g, diamonds
18kt 4cl&14ktwh g, 11mm moon, diam
18kt 4colour g, diamonds
$2300.00 CDN
18kt 4cl&wh g, .16con diam, diam
$2800.00 CDN
18kt yel&wh g,3.90ct citr,.65ct bl saph,di
18kt yel&wh g, 4.23ct amet,diam
$4400.00 CDN
18kt peach g, 1.54ct mal.garn,diam
$3600.00 CDN
18kt yel g, 6.1mm red tourm, diam
$3900.00 CDN
18kt yel&wh g, 1.48ct bl zircon, dia
$3500.00 CDN
18kt 4colour g, 0.22ctw diamonds
$3700.00 CDN
18kt yellow gold. 0.44ctw diamonds
$4300.00 CDN
18kt pal.wh&yel g, 8.5mm tourm, diam
$7000.00 CDN
18kt wh&yel g, 3.1ct amethyst (mar)
18kt peach&wh g, black pearl, .06ct dia
18kt p.wh/yel/wh g,1.46ct aq,0.24ct to
$3400.00 CDN
18kt pink g, 18kt pal.wh g, 0.67ct diam
$7200.00 CDN
18kt y&w; fire opal; turquoise
$2800.00 CDN
18kt y&w gold; 1.32ct garnet; diam
$2400.00 CDN
18kt y&w; 2.64 zircon; diam
$4500.00 CDN
18kt p&w; 1.17ct aquamarine; diam
$3200.00 CDN
18kt w; 2.27 zircon; diam
$3600.00 CDN
18kt p; 1.28ct aquamarine; diam
18kt y&w; aquamarine; sapphire
$2600.00 CDN
18kt white; 0.40ct diam & 02ct diam
$5400.00 CDN
18kt white gold; 0.45ct CDN diam
$5100.00 CDN
18kt y&w gold; 1.74ct spinel, diam