Peter Jost

If the worth of an object can be measured by the enthusiasm of its creator, then the jewellery of Peter Jost is very valuable indeed.

Peter is one of Canada's few Master Goldsmiths, a skill that is honoured in Europe. "To me goldsmithing is the most wonderful profession in the world. I can be creative with my mind, use the talents of my hands, and deal with the most exciting minerals, materials and metals that earth can give", says Peter.

19kt wh g.,18kt y g. ,1.05ct emerald, di
$11830.00 CDN
19kt wh. g., 0.47ct pur sap, yel. diam
$3322.00 CDN
19kt wh.g., 0.85ct ruby, diam
$4677.00 CDN
14kt wh g 0.145ct nat y diam
$2137.00 CDN
19kt wh g 1.74ct orange brown zircon
$3635.00 CDN