Jeanette Walker

Jeanette was born in England and immigrated to Canada at the age of 4, growing up in the Outaouais region of Quebec where she thrived amongst the multitude of ski hills and fresh lakes. In 1992, she graduated with honours from the Jewellery Arts Program at George Brown College in Toronto, showing outstanding achievements in her studies she was the recipient of various awards and scholarships.

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A third generation Metalsmith...the art of shaping silver, gold and platinum by hand comes naturally to Jeanette. Self-expression in the making process has led her to the slower, hands-on methods of the ancients, using recycled precious metals and responsibly mined or recycled gemstones whenever possible. An appreciation for the alchemy of amalgamation, granulation, chasing and sand casting keeps these magical techniques alive in Jeanette's studio.

Nature, ancient artifacts and crafting techniques inspire the work and process. The pieces are bold in scale, substantial without being heavy, balancing clean minimal lines with raw organic elements.

"From the first pencil sketches to the final polish of metal, my creations are wrought by hand, eye and heart."

SS; amethyst; pearl; garnet
$425.00 CDN
size 7 1/2; gold; sapphire; diam
$1480.00 CDN
size 7 1/2; y gold
$625.00 CDN
size 7 1/4; SS; y gold
$385.00 CDN
size 7; SS; sapphire
$750.00 CDN
SS & gold; sapphires
$1965.00 CDN
size 7 1/2; y gold; sapphire; diam
$1060.00 CDN
size 7 1/2; tourm; moonstone; diam
$1325.00 CDN
size 7 1/4; y gold; tourmaline; diam
$1025.00 CDN
size 7 1/4; y gold; tanzanite; diam
$1255.00 CDN
14kt r g; SS; Sapphire
$975.00 CDN
14kt y g; SS tour
$925.00 CDN
14kt r g; SS
$1380.00 CDN
14kt y g; SS
$1200.00 CDN
14kt y g; SS
$1625.00 CDN