Gaston Rebry

Gaston Rebry is a Quebec painter of Belgian birth.

Born in Wevelgem, Belgium in 1933 then later immigrated to Canada in 1955. He died in Shawinigan on January 5th 2007.  He was the son of Belgian bicycle racer Gaston Rebry (1909-1953) and was also a bicycle racer in the 1950s in Europe.

Gaston Rebry studied at the Académie des Beaux -Arts in Menin and was twice awarded First Prize.

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He movedto Quebec in 1955 and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. He soon became a full time artist. Deeply attached to nature, his oil paintings often present landscapes from his adopted region of Mauricie.  He also often did portraits and still-lifes with the same sensitivity.

Canada’s former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien often gave paintings by Gaston Rebry to foreign dignitaries and even to Pope John Paul II in 1998.

Gaston Rebry was able to express the beauty of his adopted land and he is now among the 50 painters who, according to art investment specialists, have the highest investment potential in Canada.

By some enchanting ways, water springs up from his brush, flowing amidst a blooming under growth ; the river swelling, whirling ; the lake reflecting, or being tormented by a northen wind.

A sudden inspiration transcends the gross substance, spreading out the foliage and decorating the canvas with pastoral blossoms.  Thus, the mildness of summer reveals itself with rare intuition.

On his palette, the gold of harvest is rightly subdued by the allegory of fall colours.  The hillsides begin to shine, and ignite.

The artist also captures that misty moment through which golden brown bushes penetrate, and where the glacial winds uproot the remanding leaves.  Beyond this bareness, a painting is being created.

The wintry country-sides of Gaston Rebry are mirrors of calmness and peace.  Myriads of starry snowflakes fall on the forest, as this same snow banks up in the coldness.

This poet of nature, stirred by the movement and rhythm of the flowing days and seasons, reincarnates the rustic area under the morning rays as well as under the last lights of a sunset.  He adorns the Mauricie region with a new splendour ; and the characters to whom he gives life, blend themselves well into these wonderful landscapes which never cease to hum.

10" x 12" oil
$2505.00 CDN
16" x 20" oil
$4535.00 CDN
10" x 12" oil
$2505.00 CDN