Elinor Ewert

Deep respect for nature, observations of natural history and archaeology, humour and introspection are cornerstones of Elinors’ art. These characteristics have always been evident regardless of the style she elects to explore creatures and the instincts that drive us all.

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"I credit my art instructors of the 70s, including Ted Godwin, Art McKay, Joe Fafard, Vic Cicansky and Marilyn Levine, for instilling a passion for creating art and reinforcing - each in their unique way - the importance of observation, storytelling and emotionality in one's work. For me, the basic elements of art - line, shape, mass, value, texture and colour - are enhanced when combined with an interpretive or narrative component.

My paintings are powerful, dynamic, thought-provoking pieces intended to encourage conversation. Each canvas tells a story, contemplates a stage of life or issue common to humanity, or shares an insight along life's journey. I paint to engage the soul and intellect; to encourage interpretation and interaction; and to present it all with a sense of whimsy.

By applying and often removing layers of thickly textured acrylic, and employing graphite, crayon, chalk, oil pastel and ink, I strive to have concepts in paintings illuminate panels of narrative text, succinct comments or poetry. I also draw characters on carving medium and create unique stamps that I use to emphasize ideas and subjects."

She is particularly appreciative of, and is influenced by, the evocative styles of Jackson Pollock, Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Rufino Tamayo and Allan Mardon.
She studied education, visual arts, western and Asian art history at the universities of Regina and British Columbia; participated in archaeological projects in Cyprus with Brock University; and recently retired from her career as strategic communications consultant and writer/editor with the provincial government and Crowns in Saskatchewan. She and her husband, Sim, recently left their country lifestyle complete with llama, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, turkeys, chickens (and, of course, coyotes), and now live in Regina with their herd of iron horses.

20' x 20' Mixed Media (Gallery wrap)
$850.00 CDN
30' x 15" mixed media (gallery wrap)
$860.00 CDN
20" x 20" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$850.00 CDN
24" x 24" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$1100.00 CDN
36" x 18" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$1240.00 CDN
24" x 24" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$1100.00 CDN
20" x 20" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$850.00 CDN
12" x 40" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$935.00 CDN
40" x 20" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$1480.00 CDN
48" x 24" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$2100.00 CDN
12" x 36" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$825.00 CDN
30" x 40" Mixed Media (gallery wrap)
$2200.00 CDN