News & Events

"Switching Styles" Artist Challenge Exhibition - Saturday September 9-15, 2017

“Switching Style” is a challenge that was presented to the gallery artists. The challenge was, choose another gallery artist’s subject matter to emulate in your own painterly style. For example, Cameron Bird, renown landscape and wildlife artist choose to “Switch styles” with Angie Rees; clever paintings of whimsical animals.. Click HERE to view the show online.

Staff Picks - Every Saturday in October 2017

Every Saturday for the month of October each staff member will be hanging their favourite paintings. The displays could be a very eclectic grouping, or a cohesive style. No one will know until the shows open on Saturday Mornings. Join us for a weekly surprise from 10-5:30pm.

Serge Dubé, Angela Morgan & Angie Rees Exhibition – Saturday February 13th 2016

The Family Day Weekend Exhibition will kick off the shows for The Artym Gallery for 2016. On display there will be works from three different artist; Serge Dubé, Angela Morgan and Angie Rees. The exhibition opens Saturday February 13th from 10am – 5:30pm and will continue until the 19th.

Black & White with a Splash Exhibition – Saturday March 19th 2016

The Black and White with a Splash exhibition really challenges our artist and pushes them outside of their comfort zones. The Show opens on Saturday March 19th from 10am – 5:30pm and will continue until the 25th

Each of our artists has their own style and technique, and is now forced to recreate a piece with the same impact as one of their originals with colour, using only black and white. As a final touch, a strategic splash of colour is added to complete the piece. This colour has to draw your eye and convey whatever emotion it is the artist wants you to feel.

Celebrating Spring Exhibition – Saturday April 16th 2016

Spring has arrived and with it The Artym Galleries Celebrating Spring Exhibition, opening on Saturday April 16th from 10am – 5:30pm. Artist that will be featured include Rick Bond, Nancy Lucas, Mélan, Katerina Mertikas, and Danny McBride.