News & Events

Spotlighting Branko Marjanovic, Neil Patterson & Neil Swanson - Saturday September 14th, 2019 until September 20th, 2019

Attention all landscape lovers! The Artym Gallery is having a spotlight for three popular landscape artists: Branko Marjanovic, Neil Patterson, and Neil Swanson. This spotlight begins on Saturday, September 14th and will continue for a week. Unfortunately the outdoor painting event (Plein Air) has been postponed for this year.

Client Photos become Artist Creations - Saturday October 12th, 2019 until October 18th, 2019

Client favourite photos become artist creations.
Opens October 12
Your chance to have a personal favourite photo painted by one of the Artym artists.  All submitted picture are juried in, and then selected by the artists based on their preference. Deadline for photo submission is August 30th, 2019!

Vote for your favourite paintings to become art cards - Saturday January 20th 2018

From now until January 15th vote for your favourite painting online, in person or by phone. Winning paintings will become art cards, and will be featured in the January 20th show. The exhibition opens January 20th 10-5:30pm and continues until the 26th.

Serge Dubé, Mélan, & Family Fun Paintings - Saturday February 17th 2018

Just in time for Family Day weekend, the gallery will be hung with Angela Morgan’s winter themed pieces of kids on a ski lift, Rod Charlesworth’s & Pauline Paquin’s children skating and playing hockey, and Katerina Mertikas tobogganing scenes. Along with the family fun paintings, artists Serge Dubé and Mélan will be featured with their contemporary colourful pieces. Exhibition continues until February 23rd

Maya Eventov Exhibition - Saturday March 24th 2018

Maya’s annual solo exhibition is now in the spring! A selection from her different series of works will be on display; Mediterranean, birch, poppies and her new contemporary pieces.   Exhibition continues until march 30th