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Erica Hawkes Exhibition - Saturday February 15, 2020 until February 21, 2020

The Nouveau Seven is back.

Erica's unique approach to classic Canadian art.  Swirling skies filled with colour, never ending prairie, or perhaps an ocean bay at low tide.  All the scenes strike a familiar chord, but are captured in a modern sense of colour and harmony.   

Angela Morgan in person at the Panorama location - Saturday March 7, 2020

Angela will be at the Panorama gallery from 11-3 pm. and new works from the winter series will be available.  Always fun and packed full of fashion, Morgans paintings have become hugely popular with the winter sports crowd. 

Skiers, the neighbourhood snowball fight, a game of hockey,'s all there in vibrant colour for you. 

Show continues until March 13, 2020.