Kristen Jones

As a city girl inspired by nature’s silhouettes, goldsmith Kristen Jones takes natural shapes and twists them into forms that suit urban sensibilities. Her passion for the raw materials combined with the fine handwork and attention to detail required of a goldsmith are central to her artistic process. Kristen’s jewellery possesses a graceful beauty that at times reflects the quirkiness of life.

ox.SS, carved moonstone, 4x diam
$950.00 CDN
18kt w g, 2.33ct grey diam, 10x gr diam
$7500.00 CDN
19kt w g, 0.50ct diam, 8x 0.015ct diam
$4900.00 CDN
18kt w g with pall, 3x rose c.diamond
$4500.00 CDN
18kt w g, ice blue diamonds
$2200.00 CDN
19kt w g, 2.13ct sapphire, 4x diamond
$4500.00 CDN
ox. SS, freshwater pearl
$1100.00 CDN
oxidized SS, 18kt yellow gold
$700.00 CDN
ox.SS, 18kt y g, 7x diamond
$950.00 CDN
SS, 4x yellow sapphire
$700.00 CDN
oxidized SS, chrysoprase
$600.00 CDN
oxidized SS, carnelian
$600.00 CDN
oxidized SS, aquamarine
$650.00 CDN
ox.SS, 18kt y g, 4xruby, rose c.sapphire
$1250.00 CDN
19kt w g; diam
$3250.00 CDN